Thought Platter

Welcome to the Thought Platter.


Have you ever felt like you don’t have control over your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits, or behaviours? As though you were on autopilot and the mind controlling your body and day-to-day decisions was no longer your own?


I have been there.


Are you constantly finding yourself in a state of thinking causing you overwhelming fear, doubt, anxiety, and depression? What about boiling anger and frustration even by hearing a particular noise or seeing/talking to a specific person at any moment?


I have been there. I still am sometimes.


Over the last few years, many of us got sucked into the vortex of overthinking more than ever. The world around us was collapsing, unsure of who to trust and who to believe, and we found ourselves overwhelmed by levels of stress we didn’t know existed.


Many of us, already struggling with the stability of our minds, found ourselves in deep oceans, exhausted from treading water and feeling as though we were barely able to breathe. Just doing whatever we can to survive.


For those of us who battle severe anxiety, our thoughts can be crippling, especially when we let them overpower us. Instead of sitting with them and understanding their message, many of us are under the impression that we must get rid of anxious thoughts. We think that to feel peace, we must remove doubt or fear, especially when we feel as though we have no control over what’s happening around us when that’s not the case.


“The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves” – Richard Bach


Good news?


We can possess the tools to rewire, gain control and be back in the driver’s seat of our minds.  


Being fed up with a comfort mindset, I decided to embrace an incredibly challenging mindful practise that involves more than meditating, although it is a big part of it. I have begun understanding how to create a better relationship with my thoughts.


I will be sharing knowledge and experiences of this mindfulness journey in this area of the Warrior Blog called Thought Platter.” As I embark on this journey of creating more space and passing the thinking mind, I look towards building better relationships with anxiety, fear, doubt, and everyday thoughts.


This is my formal invitation to you to join me on this mindfulness journey of learning how to build and maintain a strong foundation for acknowledging how we think and feel with the body and the mind and take back control. It’s time to renew the faith and belief that we can do and be anything.


“The health of our mind matters, to ourselves, to those around us and ultimately to the entire world.” – Andy Puddicombe


We all can rethink and relearn, regardless of age. We can shift our perspective on how we train our minds. We can unlock the mindset needed to get through the struggles and challenges of life without constantly feeling overwhelmed.


When we shift our thoughts, attitude, and beliefs, we change our lives.


My hope for Thought Platter is that we create a safe space to be vulnerable. Sharing or sitting with our thoughts can be highly vulnerable. It can also be a superpower.


We will challenge our thoughts.

We will embrace the challenge of shifting and unlocking our growth mindset.

We will become more aware and notice when we fall into the vortex of overthinking.

We are going to learn mindful skills and adopt a daily practice.

We will remind ourselves that not everyone has all the answers all the time.


“You are in charge of your mind. You can help it grow by using it in the right way.” – Carol Dweck


I will never claim to be an expert or perfect. I don’t have all the answers. Like you, I am on a learning journey. I am determined to learn, embrace, overcome challenges, and find peace with my anxiety-ridden thinking mind instead of trying to get rid of it.


The work we put into our minds doesn’t need to be grand or take up much time. What works for one person may not work for someone else. There’s no one set manual for life. Find what works for you. It will ALWAYS be hard work for everyone. I won’t lie to you; it will be so freakin’ hard.


“Everything worthwhile is hard. Excruciatingly hard.” – Marie Forleo


I promise you that it will be worth it. Some days will be more challenging than others, and some days we may feel defeated. That’s okay. That’s why mindfulness is a practice. WE CAN control our work ethic and attitude in life.


This Warrior Community consists of imperfect humans who simply care about helping others. Like the warriors who guide me, I will be making mistakes, learning, and growing right alongside you.


“No one will be perfect in this pursuit for personal growth. Give yourself grace, keep getting up and moving forward.” – Dave Hollis


We spend so much time and effort maintaining relationships with others, but how often do we stop and think about working on the relationship with our minds and thoughts? We are the ones who live with our thoughts every single day, not anyone else. We are the ones who need to put in the work. We can’t give others the steering wheel.  


In a unique spin, I will also provide a recording of each Thought Platter blog post. Resembling a chapter in an audiobook, it will simply be me reading the post, hoping that it will find its way to different types of people. The audio version may appeal to or speak to you differently than the words on a page. Find what works for you.


My hope for Thought Platter is that through this journey of the mind, someone reading or listening to each post will feel supported, seen, heard, inspired, enlightened, and encouraged to push forward and stay present even on the most challenging days.


I believe you can, and I need you to believe it too.


I hope to be a voice and provide words that continue to build a judgement-free community of resilient warriors who want to live happy, healthy, more mindful lives.


Moving forward from a time of isolation and survival, Let’s enter this season of healing together.


 Let’s stay focused on what matters, what’s in our control.


Let’s choose vulnerability and lead with our whole hearts.


Let’s choose to reach for more.


Let’s write our narratives.


Here are thoughts from my silver platter.


One Love,



“We must focus on the only thing we can control in life. Ourselves. Our thoughts. Our beliefs. Our feelings. Our behaviour.” – Marie Forleo

Hello Warriors!

I’m Melle. Thank you for checking out the Warrior Blog. Over time It will be packed with anything and everything to help us all live healthier and happier lives on a healthy planet. I LOVE the planet we live on, so I will also include information of how we can make small changes in our daily lives to make big a impact on healing our planet.