DIY Pedicure at Home in 6 Quick Steps

“Three important reasons to take care of your feet include quality of life, productive work and regular physical activity. … And with poor foot health, you’re less likely to engage in physical activity. The result is a higher risk of disease, such as heart disease and diabetes, reduced endurance and loss of muscle mass” Southeast Orthopedic Specialists

If there is one thing quarantine has taught me (among the many) is that foot care is incredibly important especially since I tend to walk around barefoot anywhere possible. The workers who so graciously tend to our dry, cracked, ingrown toenail, callously feet go unnoticed and have been dearly missed. As shops start to open up (and women have babies), some of us are still hesitant to go anywhere, let alone somewhere where someone has to “touch” us.

Thankfully, Joanna at Spars Beauty, has blessed us with a “DIY Home Pedicure in 6 Steps” so anyone can feel at ease by bringing the spa treatment to their home (minus the massage chair).

Items you’ll need:
– Bath Tub, large bowl or basin
– Foot soak, Epsom salt, essential oils
– Nail Cutter
– Orange wood stick
– Nail File
– Favourite base coat, colour and topcoat
– Nail Polish remover
– Cotton Pads, toilet paper or paper towel
* BONUS ITEM: cuticle oil

1. Soaking your feet.

– Not only is it super relaxing but makes doing your pedicure so much easier!
– Add a foot soak, Epsom salt or even a few drops of essential oil to the water to really help get that spa experience at home and relax.

2. Cutting Nails

– I like to cut first and then file (saves a lot of filing time)
– Keep your nails at a reasonable length to ensure they don’t bother you in your shoes.

**TIP: Anyone with ingrown toenails — soak first, cut the corners of your nails at an angle (like a mini triangle) and then use your nail file to round the corners. You don’t want to go too short when you suffer from this, keep the edges rounded so when they grow back, they don’t grow into your skin.

3. Clean nails ☺

– You can easily achieve this by pushing back any excess cuticle with an orange wood stick! No need for any fancy tools.
– You can leave it at this stage if you like, but if you want to take it a step further and you don’t have cuticle cutters, you can always use mini scissors, making sure you’re only removing what is excess and not healthy cuticle.

**TIP: If it hurts to cut, you’ve taken off too much!

4. Pumice is your best friend for smooth feet!

– I like to keep one in my shower and use it gently on my feet each time.
– IT’S NOT A RACE! Taking off a little at a time is best for long-term results!

**DON’T SKIP THIS STEP for your dream at home pedicure: it’s my favourite part!

5. Find your favourite cream and soak it up!

– Now I know the massage is everyone’s favourite part of the pedicure, so don’t skip it at home!
– Use your favourite cream and get to rubbing! This will further help make your feet smell great and feel soft.


– Polish!
– Normally I do gel polish on my toes for my peace of mind but being 36 weeks pregnant it’s been tough to apply so I’m opting for a fast-drying regular polish!

– Go to polishes are either Vinylux or OPI which I pair with Vinyux’s topcoat.

**TIP: Apply a thin layer of cuticle oil over the topcoat to help prevent any accidents while your nails by speeding up the drying process.

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