In honour of #plasticfreejuly, I wanted to put together my “Top 5 Easy Bathroom Eco-Swaps” that can help us recognize the amount of plastic we have in our lives and how these small simple swaps can open the door to naturally welcoming convenient and eco-friendly products into all aspects of our lives. 

Our Mission: Reduce the necessity and demand that society and businesses have put towards the “convenient” plastic products. Fill our homes and lives with natural materials that reduce waste and help build a sustainable future. 

  1. Toothbrush

 “In the United States alone it is estimated that over 850 million toothbrushes are discarded and end up in landfill every single year.” (

Eco Tips: 

– Once it’s time to replace, use the toothbrush as a scrubbing brush for places like the washroom or kitchen. 

– Shave or remove bristles with plyers and recycle. 

– The handle can be used as kindling or in a garden where it will biodegrade over time

Swap Suggestions:

Adult and Child Bamboo Toothbrushes – The Eco-Warrior

Adult and Child Bamboo Toothbrushes Combo Pack – Shenzhen Shouyuan Company

Adult 4-Pack Bamboo Toothbrushes – Green Panda

Adult 5- Pack Bamboo Toothbrushes – JL Honest Products

2. Toothpaste

“For a toothpaste tube to be recycled it means each of these components must be processed separately. So, on top of the CO2 pollution involved in the production of each tube, it then becomes a very complicated process for the recyclers” (

Eco Tips: 

– The glass jar can be used for anything or recycled. 

–  Terracycle Oral Care Waste Collection Program.

Swap Suggestions:

Natural Toothpaste (glass jar) – Georganics 

Toothpaste Tablets (glass jar) – Crush & Brush

Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Tom’s of Maine

DIY Homemade Toothpaste – 1 Million Women

3. Razor

“You can purchase a disposable razor at practically any drugstore, convenience store, or gas station. It is safe to assume that nearly 163 million disposable razors were disposed to landfill in 2018. With another 163 million on their way to the landfill” (

Eco Tips:

Terracycle & Gilette® Razor Recycling Program

– Check if the steel replacement blades can be recycled in your local municipality. 

Swap Suggestions:

Charcoal Safety Razor – The Eco-Warrior

Eco Razor with Bamboo Handle – Zomchi

Rose Gold Safety Razor – Weidi Baili

Stainless Steel Razor – Koti Eco Essentials


4. Soaps, Shampoo & Conditioner

“Since 2012, our shampoo bars have saved 22.5 million plastic bottles from being produced. That’s 620 tonnes or the weight of six blue whales!” (Lush Canada)

Eco tips:

– Look for brands that mention “packaging-free products” 

– Majority of places have soap, shampoo and conditioner bars available for one-stop shopping

Swap Suggestions:

Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar – Lush 

Avocado Body Soap – The Australian National Soap Company 

6- Piece Face & Body Natural Soap – Bali Soap

5- Piece Shampoo & Conditioner Set – Ethique

5. Sponge & Loofah

“Loofahs are used in a wet environment and you hang them up in the shower, which is also a wet environment. They don’t ever totally dry out, so the loofah is a beautiful breeding ground for bacteria” (

Eco Tips:

– Cut off the rope/string and recycle your old plastic loofah 

– Hang your plant-based loofah/sponge outside of the shower to properly dry and last longer

– Washcloths are great alternatives to any loofah or sponge

Swap Suggestions:

Natural Body Sponge – The Eco-Warrior

Natural Loofah 4-Pack – Bmboo

Silicone Body Brush – Vaslon

Natural Exfoliating Body Sponge – Battle Green Box

How to decide which swap to choose?

  1. Price – It’s not about buying the more expensive or well-known brand. Go in with a budget and see what you are comfortable with (Costs can range from $7 – $50). Know that investing in our health shouldn’t always be focused on the cheapest and most convenient options either. 
  1. Materials – Some materials need to be replaced more often. Do you want something that will last longer, less maintenance, or a trial basis? Some can be washed in the machine with towels or simply hung to dry.  
  1. Eco-friendliness – Some “natural” products are made of recycled plastic. Check product details closely to see what materials are involved and what you’re interested in. Some products can be recycled or composted.  Some brands have their own eco-swap promotions (ex. 1 tree planted for every purchase).  
  1. Effectiveness – You want to buy something that you like and works! Yes, saving the environment is the goal here, but it doesn’t make sense to switch to products you don’t like or don’t see performing well. Sometimes it takes trying out a few different eco-products to find the one that suits your wants and needs.

Have you tried any of these Eco-Swaps? Let me know!

Having trouble deciding? Leave a comment or send an email!

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**Images found on Google search and Canva

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